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Old Taylor Lake Weather utilizes the Davis Vantage Pro 6152 weather station which was put into operation on June 16th, 2008. The weather station currently collects temperature, wind, rain, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. The site also utilizes METAR statistics from KPCZ (Waupaca Airport) for current sky and cloud conditions. Anemometer location was moved to remote location July 2008. A solar sensor was added on June 2009. Temperature housing fan installed Nov 2010 for better air circulation.

Evaportranspiration (ET) is a measurement of the amount of water vapor returned to the air in a given area. It combines the amount of water vapor returned through evaporation (from wet surfaces) with the amount of water vapor returned through transpiration (exhaling of moisture through plant stomata) to arrive at a total. Effectively, ET is the opposite of rainfall, and it is express in the same units of measure (inches, millmeters).

The Vantgage Pro2 uses air temperature, RH, average wind speed, and solar radiation data to estimate ET, which is calculated once an hour on the hour.

Begining in January 2012, OTLweather began transmitting weather data to MesoWest, CWOP and MesoMap.
CWOP ID: DW0723, MesoWest ID: D0723. This data will also be available on the NWS Meso system. I also have a station in Cedarburg, WI at CWOP ID: EW0472. This can be seen under the "Cedarburg3W" tab.

Regarding Web cameras (UPDATED: 01/13/19) I have 5 IP webcams (Sharx model: SCNC3605, SCNC3805,SCNC3905,SCNC3924-WIDE ) have been installed with the latest purchased in February 2017.(Sharx no longer carries these cameras) The Sharx 3905 and 3924 models have very high resoloution along with video functions. I'm very please with the updated firmware of the SCNC3924-WIDE camera. Some of these can be seen under the camera tab. These were purchased through www.sharxsecurity.com. I highly recommend these cameras for functionality and performace along with extremely great customer service. These cameras are highly adaptable to various video capture software programs for logging your weather images. In 2019 I also discovered that the TriVision NC-336PW HD 1080P is the same camera as the Sharx models with a couple of different hardware changes to the plastic waterproof cabling box. The software and hardware in the camera is the same as the Sharx.

History of Waupaca

Wisconsin became a state in 1848, with Waupaca County being formed February 1851 from the counties of Brown and Winnebago. The first established county seat was Mukwa, with the county seat later being moved to the city of Waupaca where it remains today. Logging was a major part of the early days in Waupaca County with agriculture following closely behind.

Waupaca County is presently divided into 22 townships. Bear Creek's first settlement was in 1854. Caledonia was separated from Mukwa with it's first settlement in 1849. Dayton was separated from the Town of Lind in 1852. Chief Waupaca first purchased land in the Township of Dupont with early white settlers coming in about 1854-56. Dupont was separated from the Town of Union in 1864. Farmington was organized in 1853. Fremont was first organized in 1865 and is the smallest township in Waupaca County.

Harrison organized from Iola Township in November 1890. Helvetia was organized in 1861. Iola being organized in 1844. Larrabee was taken from Bear Creek in 1860. Lebanon was organized from Mukwa in 1852. Lind was one of the six original townships. At one time Little Wolf was part of the township including Union, Dupont and part of Royalton. 1848 was the year of the first settlement in Little Wolf. Matteson, at one point in time, was in the County of Shawano.

The Attorney General declared Matteson in the County of Waupaca in the year of 1860, only after a dispute between Waupaca and Shawano County. Mukwa was the temporary county seat from 1850 to 1856. Royalton was organized from Little Wolf in 1853. Scandinavia was organized about 1852. First called Waupaca Settlement and then Danger before finally being called Scandinavia. St. Lawrence was organized in 1855. Union was organized from Little Wolf in 1857. Waupaca settled in about 1850. The first settlers of Weyauwega came in 1847. Wyoming the last to be organized in 1890 set off from Helvetia.

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